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New Products:


As a novelty, we will introduce you to our 33 liter bottle with combination valve. This size corresponds to a gas volume of 10 m³. (Of course, also available without the combination valve)


As last novelty we introduced you here before our 30 liter cylinder, and our combination valves.

These are preferably designed for welding requirements, but also find their application in medical and in all other sectors.


Furthermore, we have a new 2,67 liter CO2 cylinder especially for aquariums in our program.



Here are a few advantages of our combination valve:

- Fall protection for valve and control unit

- easy and safe rollability of the big bottles

- quick change of cylinders





 Steel-cylinders for different purposes
5 liters 10 liters 20 liters 30 liters 33 liters 50 liters

Available in 200/300 bar and 300/450 bar with combination valve small, large or normal valve





 Cylinder combination valve small, with quick coupling



      - Available in 200/300 bar and 300/450 bar, recommended for bottles up to 10 liters


      - flow rate 0-25 l/min. adjustable in 12 steps, pressure = 2 bar fixed (others on request)


      - Combination valve for argon, CO2, mixed gas and other varieties available





 Cylinder combination valve big, with quick coupling



      - Available in 200/300 bar and 300/450 bar, recommended for bottles from 20 liters


      - adjustable flow rate 0-30 liters/min.


      - fixed Pressure of 4 bar or variable adjustment 0-1,5 bar or 0-10 bar


      - for oxygen, acetylene, argon, CO2, mixed gas and other available varieties


      - optionally available with residual pressure valve





Medical aluminium cylinders  (0,6-10 L)

Medical steel cylinders  (0,6-50 L)



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 Cylinder valves for medical use

Special valves for direct connection


in Hospital and in bed


with various disposals and faucets,


as well as pressure indicator


(Combination valve with DIN quick coupling)





 Steel cylinders for CO2-gas



With normal or residual pressure valve


with valve protection


2,67 l = 2 kg CO2 Bottle

(ideal for aquariums)




23.04.2024 - 21:29 Uhr


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