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About us:


The Company History

The work at the factory in Worms

The production at the Jiangxi factory

The audit and quality compliance in Jiangxi







 The Company History:







Company founded in Worms

(Gartenstraße 6)

Trade with industrial gases and

Pipeline- and Steelwork



Picture: Dr.-Otto-Röhm-Straße     





Enlargement of the workshop and of the trade

Moving to larger premises ( Klosterstraße 45)









Moving to a new location (Dr.-Otto-Röhm-Straße)

Commencement of trading with compressed gas and medical gas cylinders from own production or in cooperation with the Shanghai Huasheng Enterprises Group

Currently there are over one million of our gas cylinders in the European circulation

Furthermore, we have extended our repair service (pressure-test)  






Termination of the cooperation with Shanghai Huasheng Enterprises Group.

Change to Tri Diamond Jiangxi as a trade and cooperation partner





Modernization of machinery for bottle production





Completion of the new office and administration building







 The work at the factory in Worms:

 Cylinder handling







Remove rust / paint

Bottle sandblasting

Powder coating


Embossing and

Ownership mark


 Pressure test (TÜV)








Water-pressure test


Valve replacement


Customer identification

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 The production at the Jiangxi factory:



The factory in Jiangxi / China






The sales / exhibition in Jiangxi / China






The employees of the factory (partialy on behalf of Allebrand Industrial Gas Service

and technically trained by Salzgitter Mannesmann Research, Duisburg)






Pictures from the production (including embossing and ultrasound examination)







Raw tube stock for the cylinder production









  The audit and quality compliance in Jiangxi:



The high quality of the cylinders will permanently occupied by examine

(Water-pressure and power-cycling tests)






Management of the forming aggregates and

implementation of the metallographic examination with latest technology





Own employees of the firm Allebrand in our partner companies on site in China,

make sure that our high quality standards and safety requirements

are observed and enforced in the Far East.






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